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Demo Monkey

The first GPT3-powered demo data generator for Microsoft Dataverse & Dynamics 365 you will love


Demo Monkey

Generate realistic demo data quickly and easily with AI-driven demo data generation for Dataverse and Dynamics 365.

This time-saving tool supports multiple languages and regional data, includes configurable settings to customize data generation, a gaussian distribution for more realistic data and numbers, complex data types like contacts and addresses, and random data for pick lists and lookups. GPT3 integration is also included for more natural text.

You should know!

This tool should only be used for demo, test and development purposes, since it generates random data. It is not intended for production use.

You also need to be a tenant administrator to give it access to your Dataverse environment. Else please contact your tenant administrator.

Main Features

  • Generate demo data for Dataverse and Dynamics 365
  • Multiple languages and regions
  • Gaussian distribution for more realistic data and numbers
  • Standard and custom Dataverse tables
  • GPT3 integration for more natural text
  • Support for most Dataverse 365 data types:
    • Owner, Date, DateTime, Lookup, Money, Customer,Picklist, Numbers, Text
  • Support for complex data types:
    • Addresses, Contacts
  • Random data for pick lists and lookups
  • Realistic data for names and addresses

How to use

Open Demo Monkey and follow the instructions on the page. After you log in, you can select the Dataverse environment you want to generate data for.

First select the desired table and select the columns you want to generate data for. For each colunm you can select a data provider to define the type of data you want to generate.

Next select the locale and the number of records you want to generate. After you click the Generate button, the tool will start generating data and upload it directly to your Dataverse environment.


Demo Monkey is a tool that is still in development. If you encounter any issues, please let me know on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Also errors are not handled yet, for example if columns are not configured, it will only be visible via browser developer tools and no data will be generated.