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Watch a short intro
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CRM Demo Monkey

CRM Demo Monkey helps you to win your customers with stunning CRM demos. Spend less time when you need complex demo data for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. With just one click this free tool will create complex demo data for your next presentation.

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Choose from predefined sample data models to get the job done.


Define your own data models even for custom entities and custom fields.


Create your own plugins and data providers to make it even more powerful.

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Features of Demo Monkey

Generate real addresses

CRM Demo Monkey helps you create real addresses for many countries. It supports addresses down to street level for about 40 countries.

Standard and custom entities

Define your own data models even for custom entities and custom fields. Just connect to your target CRM System and it will pickup all your meta data to define a custom data model for your industry or solution.

Update existing data

You just need to update existing data? Just select the data using fetch xml and than update any data like names and dates or even enrich the relationship tree.

Deep relations

Real world data has deep relations and structure. With CRM Demo Monkey you could build up deep relationship models to cover real world scenarios.

Update account and contact pictures

Easily add pictures to accounts and contacts to enlight your demo.

Enrich existing data

You just want to add some contacts or opportunities to existing accounts? Use the fetch xml provider to modify or add data to your existing data.

DataGen360 support

You are a user of DataGen360? Great, we have you covered! CRM Demo Monkey is even better together with Datagen360. Use DataGen360 to generate high quality demo data and CRM Demo Monkey to import the data and enrich the relationship tree.


Easily extended CRM Demo Monkey by writing your own plugins and data providers.

Multiple data models

Create different data models for your industry specific CRM solutions or different customer situations.

Share it

You have a good data model? Let the world know and share it with your community.


Certain basic data do not have to be generated randomly and should be imported equally in every environment. Demo Monkey supports the import of CSV files for this purpose. You can even combine static CSV data with additional random columns. Why? Because we can!

Direct import your data

CRM Demo Monkey lets you directly write the data to Dynamics CRM.

Carefully handcrafted with by Joris Kalz

This tool has been made out of the most advanced bits & bytes from stackoverflow