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The current version is 5.1


Tested with Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.6

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Latest improvements in version 5.1

  • New data provider to calculate end date based on start date. Now you can use the data provider "Calculate Date From Previous Date". Use this data provider to calculate a date in the future from a previous used date field. Specifiy fieldname and additional time separated by comma. E.g. "startdate,10m" or "startdate,4h". You can also specify multiple time values for a random selection. E.g. "startdate,30m,45m,60m,90m,1h,3h,5d".

Latest improvements in version 5.0

  • Async loading of meta data to speed up everything.
  • Use several placeholders in text datapProvider to create even better demo data. Placeholders like: {number(1,3)} to create a number with 1 to 3 digits. {fieldname} use a previous value in another text field. And much more.
  • A few template for Field Service are now available.

Latest improvements in version

  • Execution log now displays error messages.
  • CSV import plugin allows the import of CSV data.
  • System users are now excluded from owner attributes. You can now also specify certain users as comma-separated lists.
  • The "Parent Action Item" data provider allows you to use a value from a parent record.
  • Picklists can now be restricted by a comma-separated list in the configuration.
  • A new demo data example demonstrates the use of the new functions.
  • Version also fixes several other issues

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